Optimal Protection

A tailor-made and environment-friendly solution.

Your stamping process has severe mechanical stresses and requires a highly technical protective film to adapt to the deformation of the metal during pressing, keeping the finishes of your surfaces free of damage until the end of the process manufacturing and after.



Compared to average LDPE, Deep Blue by Novacel offer an amazing experience in term of protection during deep drawing process, bringing the protective film capability to a new height : a piece of mind solution! Thanks to our team of expert in adhesive and protection, we always provide you professional advice and make sure that the product you will use will perfectly fit with your need on demand !

The new Deep Blue range provides a solution to every discontinuous process or long term protection need (several weeks, months…) and will fit with every one of your needs in terms of protection.

Advantages of the Deep Blue Technology 

Novacel customers can now take advantage of the incredible performances provided by the Deep Blue protective films :

No lifting during the process

From single to multi-step process, we can insure that our protective films won’t lift up during and between every moment of your product life.

No impact on surfaces

As every Novacel product, Deep blue by Novacel will take care of your surface. After the manufacturing process and removal of the protective film, your stainless steel or aluminium surface will be free of any residue of glue, dirt, impact ... your surface has been preserved and will be valued.

High performance adhesives

The new Deep Blue range benefit from our over-40-years-long strong expertise in adhesives. It will fit to any of your surfaces and will still have a perfect removability according to your needs.

High quality backing

Cutting edge technology of production, preventing any damages done by it on your products during all your different processes.

Higher productivity

Deep Blue solutions are true piece of mind solutions, that will help you to increase your productivity by lowering the number of post-production operations. Thanks to the Novacel 9245, enjoy the fastest removal behavior of the market at the end of your process. You operators will have more times for quality inspections of the final products rather than film manipulation.

Waste reduction

Deep Blue offer an optimal protection to any of your product, and will help you to reduce the number of product wasted through all your process.

Deep Blue range give greener solutions adapted to each finishes, in addition to removing behaviors adapted to the process, according your need of long term protection or quality inspection.

Pain Free

As partner of your CSR approach, Novacel is involved in the wellbeing of your production teams. The faster and easier removal of the 9245 allow to remove pain during manual operations of handling. With this unmatched capability on the market, avoid any musculoskeletal disorder.