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Logo Novacel Committed for a Green PlanetNovacel is fully involved in environment protection and will support all of your CSR approaches. The new Deep Blue technology has been completely thought and designed in order to match with these key concepts. Thanks to this new technology Deep Blue range can reach the behavior and conformability of plasticized PVC, but , like every product of Novacel, it is fully :


PVC free

Novacel Deep Blue is PVC Free

PVC is one of the most threatening component for human and environment. It is very hard to recycle and represent a real danger for human-being, that’s why we truly recommend you not to use such component for your need in surface protection.


Phthalate free

Novacel Deepblue is Phthalate Free

Phthalate is a known cause of cancer. Novacel cares about your product, Novacel cares about your employees health and well-being !



REACH compliant

Novacel Deepblue is Reach Compliant
Deep Blue positively respond to every Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals regulation. When you use a Deep Blue by Novacel product, you make sure to use a product that has pass all the demanding tests of this European organization.



Completely Recyclable

Novacel Deepblue is Completely Recyclable

Deep Blue by Novacel protective films uses a polyolefin backing, and are completely recyclable in any recycling center. Novacel continue to support sustainable development and is fully dedicated to accompany you on an efficient greener industry.