Deep Blue Technology

During deep drawing process, metals undergo high constraints of deformation. The value of your stainless steel may be ruined by a single scratch on the surface.  Your fragile surfaces face potential hazards throughout the manufacturing, shipping and installation processes. The cost of repairing or replacing the product can have a big impact on your profit margin.

That‘s why Novacel recommend to provide your metal finishes the best protective film at every steps of pressing. Temporary protective films must resist at high pressure. It has to remain on the surface during all the process, following the shape of the final pieces, unlifted until the end of the production and beyond.

​​Give a second skin to your surface!

And you will have this opportunity with the new intelligent technology that we have just designed for you: Deep Blue by Novacel.

Novacel, as the expert in surface protection for stainless steel and bare metals, already propose on the market a wide range of solutions for the deep drawing progress, now completed with this exclusive new range of products fully dedicated to this specific kind of transformation.

A reliable alternative to plasticized PVC

After several years of research, development and tests in partnership with renowned companies, Deep Blue Technology is revolutionizing pressing. This intelligent technology now greatly improves the behavior of protective films during pressing operations and thus allowing to reach the plastic deformation capacity of a plasticized PVC. And of course, good news does not come alone, Novacel cares not only about your products, your teams, but also the planet: this polyolefin backing can be easily recycled in specialized center.

Impressive conformability during deep drawing

The new Deep Blue range by Novacel benefits from this new technology, in order to exhibit unmatched and unprecedented conformability on the market for a polyolefin backing.

In association with high performance glue systems, Deep Blue by Novacel offer optimal solutions for every deepness, shapes and processes with a product completely free from dangerous products such as plasticized PVC.

Novacel is fully engage in the health and wellbeing of its customers as well as their operational efficiency.