Self-adhesive film for deep drawing process & a reliable alternative to plasticized PVC.

During deep drawing process, metals under go high constraints of deformation. The value of your stainless steel may be ruined by a single scratch on the surface.

Your fragile surfaces face potential hazards throughout the manufacturing, shipping and installation processes. The cost of repairing or replacing the product can have a big impact on your profit margin.

Discover deep blue
Novacel Deepblue : Innovation & New Technology
Novacel deep blue

New range of deep drawing pvc-like products

You require a highly technical protective film to adapt to the deformation of the metal during pressing, keeping the finishes of your surfaces free of damage. The Deep Blue Technology by Novacel® offers an amazing experience in term of protection.

Novacel® committed for a green planet

Novacel is fully involved in environment protection and will support all of your CSR approaches. The new Deep Blue technology has been completely thought and designed in order to match with these key concepts.

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Step 1

Deep Blue Lamination

The Deep Blue is very easy to apply !

Step 2

Handling, storage, transportation

Damage free during all the production chain !

Step 3


No lifting & waste reduction when you start the pressing process !

Step 4


Perfectly fit to the shape, second skin effect & avoid post production operations !

Step 5


No residue on the surface & easy-peel on demand

Benefits of DEEP BLUE by NOVACEL®

Higher productivity Higher productivity

Higher productivity

& less post production operations

Waste reduction Waste reduction

Waste reduction

& environment friendly

No lifting during the process No lifting during the process

No lifting

during the process

No impact on surfaces No impact on surfaces

No Impact

on surface

REACH compliant REACH compliant



Overview of the NOVACEL deep drawing films

Deep Blue Reference 9245 9309
Deepness All All
Thickness 60μm 75μm
Process Continuous Continuous & Discontinuous
Main Feature Easy-peel effect Several months on the surface
Note : the information and general characteristics provided on this sheet are given in good faith. They must only be used as a guide. You are reminded that NOVACEL expressly recommends its customers always to carry out a full test before using a selected product. In particular, this test must take into accout the type of material on which the product will actually be used, its surface condition. Work constraints and also the actual duration and various conditions of ageing required by the customer. Furthermore, NOVACEL can in no way be held responsible for incorrect use of the products sold or the consequences of their being used for other purposes than those for which they are ordinarily intended.

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